Apart form providing interactive show we also collect, expose artifacts and other valuable items regarding gingerbread history. We also do surveys on other documents connected with gingerbreads. Our collection is over 100 items and are consequently enriched. Many of these items may be touched by visitors and one can have a go on real and old bakery equipment and see how it all works. We also collect writings concerning bakery-industry, gingerbreads as well as concerning history of Toruń.

There are two showrooms. The bakery from 15th century is set on the first one. Quintessentially worth of seeing is a copy of “die Teigbreche” (or a “dough-breaking machine”) - a muscle powered equipment that kneads gingerbread dough. Also, everyone can try working on a 150 years old quern-stones. This room walls are graced by many original molds from turn of 18th century.

The other show room is set for early 20th century bakery. The heart and core of this exhibition room is an original stove from 1905 and taken from Międzyrzecz (Lubuskie Voivodeship) and rebuilt here. The L.G. Eberhardt factory blending machine from 1905 and equally old Otto Necke factory splitting machine complement the production line. All this machinery works and still may be used in the production process.

Not only we collect anything connected with baking gingerbreads but also things bound to selling these sweet treats. Museum owns variety of gingerbreads boxes, postcards, newspapers, advertisements from Toruń as well as from elsewhere. Some of these items are exhibited on the second floor.

Unique collection of wax molds from turn of the 19th century, perhaps the greatest in the whole of Europe, is the thing we're the most proud of.