Do I need to make a booking?

We are among top must-see tourist spots in Poland which is why we advise you to make a booking in advance. We are extremely bust in Weekends, through the whole May and June, through the summer, Public and Bank Holidays, Christmas time and Easter time. Booking is an obligation for organised groups.


Can I make a booking by sending an e-mail or phoning the museum?

We've got an online booking system which enables you to make bookings as well as to purchasing tickets. Booking on phone is a rare exception (half-price tickets and so on). No logging in is needed to see dates and times available.


How do I change booking time and date?

Alright, phone us on 0048566636617 and we'll sort it out for you. Our pleasure. Alternatively send us an e-mail in advance.


My booking has been cancelled. Why is that?

If you get an e-mail in which it says your booking has been cancelled please compare your booking number that you got in an e-mail confirming your booking with this one (regarding booking that has been cancelled). What might've happened is that you were making by a chance two bookings at the same time and you aborted one (which is now confirmed as a cancelled one). If it's not that, phone us, we'll look in on your booking and surely sort it out for you.


I've made a payment but didn't get any tickets. What now?

Contact us then, if you please. According to terms and conditions of our Internet Payment Service – PayU – if there's a problem with authorising the online transfer of money the whole process may stuck up to 9 days. Let us know, we'll send you tickets as soon as we get confirmation of payment made.


Can I get an invoice?

Of course you can. We issue any invoice up to 15th day of the following month. Pre-payment invoice is issued as soon as we get money on our account. You can collect your invoice at the museum or you can have it sent on your e-mail address provided.


Can I visit the museum beyond usual business hours?

Yes. Tours that take place at 9 a.m. or from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. are a bit more expensive and they take 60 minutes. We also provide exclusive shows and medieval feasts. To find out more e-mail us (eolszewska@muzeumpiernika.pl) or phone us on 0048566636617 extention 24.




Why is the museum a 'living' one?

It's a narrative museum that runs tours in which visitors take an interactive part. Visitors are taken to medieval Torun and while visiting use all their senses from the smell to the touch. No exhibit is locked behind glass – it is all at your fingertips.


Is baking gingerbread included in the ticketprice?

Yes, this is the core of the whole thing. Not only will you bake your own gingerbread but also you will take it home. Visiting to the second exhibition is included, too.


How long does the tour take?

80 minutes, on avarage. Tours start at every full hour from 10 a.m. The last admission is at 5 p.m.


Is there any giftshop at your museum?

Yes, you can choose a lot from a variety of hand-made gingebread and whole range of souvenirs, too. To find out more about our gingebread click HERE.


Is gingerbread baked by me at your museum an edible one?

It's made of edible dough, however our visitors are to make their cookies using traditional moulds carved in wood and this is why the dough we use contains no softening agents, no fat, baking powder, no butter, whatsoever. And this, in turn, is why they don't rise while in an oven but they come out extremely hard. Well, if you can't overcome this invincible desire to have them – which is understandable- dunk them in a hot coffe or tea, etc. A nice pint would do just as well.


Is there any guide provided?

Every tour is run by the Master of Bakery and his companions – the Witch and craftsmen. These are our animating staff. Click HERE to find out more about these guys.


Why is the number of tickets limited?

Our venue is an old, listed building and it's got limited capacity. Limits are to ensure we provide comfortable conditions for everyone. Limits are then: for organised groups – 75 persons, individual visitors – 60 persons.




Are you open on Bank Holidays?

We are open 358 days a year. Rare exceptions are: New Year's Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, All Saints Day (1th November).


Is your museum accessible for visitors with disabilities?

Well, yes. We've got accessible toilets, stairs-climbing chair. We are the only museum in Poland which provides tickets for children and youth with disabilities at no charge at all. We can provide audiodescription for visitors with visual impairments.


I don't speak Polish. Are tours translated to other languages?

Yes- daily at 2 p.m. we run show in English (or bilingual shows – Polish and English).

You can have it in German too – to arrange this phone us 0048 56 663 66 17 extention 21 or alternatively e-mail us muzeumpiernika@muzeumpiernika.pl


How to order certificates?

This is easily done. Send us an e-mail with your booking number and list of names that certificates are to be issued for attached. Do it up to two weeks prior your visit.


I'd like to order a personalised hand-made gingebread. How can I do it?

We advise you to get to know our offer by clicking HERE. If you haven't found what you're looking for than you can have it just as you wish – phone us on 0048 56 663 6617 or send us an e-mail to ksarmow@muzeumpiernika.pl


That horrible pip grew on my tongue. What now?

Well, you should've listened to the Witch and should've not given any guild secrets away! Serves you well! Now, have a pack of decent gingebread and if your crust doesn't shrink within one week or so, get some freshly ground ginger and apply it to the sore skin. Let us know if this helped, right?