Organized groups

For organized groups it is necessary to make a reservation in advance. Because of the great interest in our Museum, we accept groups not bigger than 75 people at a time.

The group leaders are asked to acquaint themselves with our cooperation rules. 1 group leader per 15 participants – free admission. We issue invoices.

The group leaders are helped to coffee or tea during the show. During the break, the guests can visit the Museums gift shop. Here they can buy souvenirs from Toruń and delicous gingerbread wypiekane na bazie starych recetur w naszym Muzeum

With a valid ticket you can take part in two shows: on the first floor (medieval bakery) and the second (19th century factory). If you decide not to watch the show on the second floor, the tickets cannot be exchanged or money refounded.

Special certificates are an extra offer for organized groups, which are special souvenirs from our Museum. We offer two kinds of certificates:

  • the ones on plain paper – a single certificate for the whole group is included in price of the ticket. However, if you wish to receive certificates for each participant then the price would be 1 PLN per each.
  • the ones on handmade paper – are made from high-quality paper with an embossed pattern and a seal of the Gingerbread Museum. A single certificate for the whole group costs 6 PLN (or 8 PLN with a folder). However, if you wish to receive latters for each participants (over 25), than the price is 5 PLN. If you wish to order certificates for each participant of the group, please contact us at least 2 weeks before your visit to give us the full list of names of the group members. In that case we suggest you to make a prepayment. If the number of participants in the group is different from the one given in the order, the group shall cover the costs for all of the people in the order.