Our gingerbreads

Did you know gingerbreads from The Living Museum of Gingerbreads are made in accordance with the old recepies with no E-numbers, artificial enhancements. Once baked immediately are displayed at our gift shop – if you're lucky enough you may get still hot gingerbreads!

Apart from all the ingredients required by traditional recipes we give a bit of the heart and this is why our gingerbreads are so special and so unique.

Great range of gingerbreads contains:

  • Traditional gingerbreads – soft, tender, these are the most famous ones, they come in various shapes in rather big packs.
  • Traditional gingerbreads with chocolate and rose flavor – an excellent blend of traditional taste and sweetness of chocolate filled with rose marmalade.
  • Coffee flavored gingerbreads – the dough for these heart-shaped gingerbreads is poured with a little bit of vodka which gives them amazing consistency and make them crispy just as well. One half of them is glazed with the coffee-icing and topped with almonds whereas the other half is covered with chocolate.
  • Masters' gingerbreads – baked according to the same recipe as coffee flavored ones except these are covered with white and dark chocolate.
  • Gentlamens' – crispy, chocolate gingerbreads with double black pepper which makes them go perfectly well with beverages.
  • Gingerbread squares – tender, baked on the huge tray, then cut into pieces. These come on 150 grams (0.33 lb). Flavors to be chosen from: chocolate, chocolate topped with nuts and chocolate with cranberries.

And many, many more… Why not to try them?

Not only you can get our gingerbreads at the gift shop within The Living Museum of Gingerbreads but they are also available here.