The staff

Our employers are passionates. Every member of staff holds a Master Degree in Humane fields:

  • Historians make sure shows are professional in terms of historical up-to-date resources and knowledge.

  • Museum curator collect and survey valuable artifacts.

  • Polonists make sure the old language spoken here is an authentic is it can be.

  • Merchandisers – do the rest.

Whom you should know:

Bakers' Guild Masters

There are the greatest gingerbreads experts. They ensure visitors to our Museum (apprentices) get acquainted with the old routine of baking gingerbreads. Rather merry, fair and – in a way – intelligent. They quite like to impose medieval means of punishment on pretty much everyone – mostly on beautiful ladies, though. Helpful, yet idle and lazy, but gingerbreads they bake will surely make your mouth water. Even though they live in close vicinity to Vistula river they limit taking bath to very minimum.

The Witches

They know everything about the spices and not only, as their knowledge is by far greater than that of Copernicus and Holy Inquisition combined. Basically they spice up this whole gingerbread experience. Strict at times but charming just the same. There is quite a few Witches, different ona from another, but variety is spice of live.

Rabiański Siblings

Owners of a factory in 1905 in Toruń. Living under German rule (as Toruń was in The German Empire those days), can't get over the fact that the whole share of gingerbreads market is taken by Germans. Tend to be patriotic but this incoherent standpoint contradicts the attitude towards rather German machinery they use and are proud of. A bit overambitious, bossing around, they seek employers among visitors.


True ladies they are, profoundly skilled in the art of icing decoration. They all say they have queened their skills at the most distinguished Academies of Fine Arts in Paris, but none of them can say a word in French. They decorate gingerbreads using techniques that no one can even remember a name for. Patiently, with great pleasure, they give away secrets of gracing gingerbreads.

Andrzej Olszewski

Founder and director of the Living Museum of Gingerbreads. Makes sure our Museum improves and develops and Toruń is proud of it.

Iwona Lewicka

Manager, organizing work, special task staff. Feeling like having a special tour? Gingerbreads experience plus dine&wine? Perhaps a show outside our Museum – feel free to contact her diretly on: