You can also order your company's trademark made of gingerbread. This is absolutely unique. Made of gingerbread dough that gets hard and afterwords it can survive for years.

Shape and size depend on you. We recommend though, these should not exceed 15x12 cm (6 inch by 4,5 inch). Nevertheless, you can order much bigger gingerbreads just as well. Final price is the outcome of size, quantity, shape and ammount of work required to produce these gingerbreads. Estimately, 10x6 cm size and quantity of at least 100 items average price is 6-7 zlotys per each. Partly, price may be due to cost of mould that must be carred first is an average 300-400 zl depending on how complicated this mould would be.

You can find out more on 0048 56 663 66 17.