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The Living Museum of Gingerbreads in Toruń is the first so interactive museum in Europe. It has existed since 2006 and it is located at 9 Rabiańska street, in the middle of the city center (199 steps from The Nicolas Copernicus Monument).

The Museum is open daily 10am – 6 pm. First admission at 10, last at 5pm.

Crossing the gates of the Museum will guarantee you two time travels:

The first floor

magically takes the visitors to the Medieval times. Here you can learn about every ritual connected with baking gingerbreads. It all takes place under the watchful eyes of m Gingerbread Master and charming Gingerbread Witch. The visitors prepare dough by themselves and then bake the specialties of Toruń in traditional wooden molds.

The second floor

is a manufacturing room from the 19th and the early 20th century, managed by the Rabiański siblings. Here the visitors will see, for example, the original German machines (which were used to bake ginberbreads), a vintage baking oven and the collection of wax gingerbread molds. What is more, everyone has a chance to decorate their own gingerbread with icing and take part in gingerbread decorating workshop led by the rzez Painter.

You’re welcome!

We welcome all those who want to learn about the tradition of baking gingerbreads in Toruń, the history of our city and its medieval culture. All of this happens in a fantastic atmosphere with a great deal of humor. The visit in our Museum is fun and joy for everyone, no matter what age you are. Even seniors consider the Museum an enjoyable and unique experience.

Our Museum makes every effort in order to be an accessible and friendly place for everybody. It has been adjusted to the needs of disabled visitors. They can take part in the show with audio description.

The uniqueness of the Living Museum of Gingerbreads is appreciated by those you had taken part in our show. You can read their reviews on our Facebook page!

According to TripAdvisor our Museum is one of the most popular attractions of Toruń (it is right behind the Old Town).

Some information about our history

The museum was established in April 2006. It was brought to life by Elżbieta and Andrzej Olszewski. In the first year of operation, the Museum was visited by 34,000 visitors, in 2014 nearly 107,000 and in 2015 – which we are proud of – over 115,000. In the record year of 2019, we were visited by almost 135,000. guests.

In 2014, the Museum was enlarged by a new floor, where we established a gingerbread house from the beginning of the 20th century. gingerbread decorating shows.

We have always been “gingerbread” at 9 Rabiańska Street in a historic granary from 1863. We are not planning removals.

Attraction for
children and adults
A dose of knowledge
and fun in one
Pełni pasji

Our awards


we became a Microcompany of The Year by Citi Bank and Kronenberg’s Foundation,


We were certified as The Best ouristic Place of The Year by Polish Tourist Organization.


Living Museum of Gingerbread became the Seventh New Wonder of Poland, thanks to National Geographic.


Arrived with our award Golden Carriage for The Museum of local journal “Nowości” for our incredible work. Many thanks for journal readers for supporting us in this.


The museum was highlighted by, Pulizer prize winning website, The American Huffington Post. In their opinion we are the place that everyone has to see. Also in the same year we get an Quality Certificate by The Tripadvisor, one of the biggerst touristic website in the world.

We also won The Pascal distinction for one of the most popular museum in the top ten list.


The Touristic Product of the Year by The Ministry of Sport and Tourism and The Polish Tourist Organization.

Nomination for Golden Quality POT

One of the craziest places in the world by Atlas Obscura

Attraction number one in Thorn by the website Tripadvisor


Living Museum of Gingerbread won the Golden Quality of Polish Tourism Organization for Best Product of The Year. The most popular and the most wanted award in tourism industry.


The European Business Club in Poland gave us “Pro Futuro 2018 For The Future” for cultiation and popularization tradition of gingerbread in Thorn and promotion Poland to the World.

Also in 2018 we receive certificate “Made in Torun” for our gingerbread


“Tourism Trends Award” for the marketing story of our town.

Award for Andrzej Olszewski for The Man of The Year in Tourism.

Symbol of Polish Tourism Object in 2019.

Gallery of Fame from Tripadvisor for five times certifiate of the quality.

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